Metro Groove provides creative solutions for just about any need.

From copywriting to video production, public relations to social media management,
we can help get your business seen and heard.

Our services

Photography Brisbane


Putting your best face forward is key to engaging with your clients. From photo shoots to candids for social media, we can help you and your business shine.

Social media management Brisbane

Social Media Management

Effectively engaging with your online audience can be time consuming. With over a decade of experiencing managing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for business, we can take the stress out of your digital strategy.

Video producton Brisbane

Video Production

Video is becoming an important part of any marketing or PR strategy.  Buying the equipment to produce a quality video can be expensive, so let us take the hassle and expense out of entertaining and informing your audience.

public relations Brisbane

Public Relations & Press

Getting your story to the right people is important for brand exposure. Over a decade of experience in the media industry means we know how to craft your message for maximum exposure.

copywriting Brisbane


From commercial scripts to social media posts, we can help you reach your audience with attention to your brand and tone.